Bare-Knuckle fighting is looking to make a comeback after a century-long absence. 

Jason Knight and Artem Lobov face off at BKFC 5


Bare-knuckle boxing has made its return to prominence in the United States after a century-long hiatus. The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) debuted in 2018, promising a return to old-school gloves off boxing. The new promotion has already scooped up some big names from an eclectic mix of fighting backgrounds, including Ricco Rodriguez, Paige VanZant, and Jim Alers.


This style of fighting is lauded by some experts as safer compared to fighting with gloves, despite an increase in superficial injuries. This is due to purportedly causing fewer traumatic brain injuries. Before the BKFC, the last American bare-knuckle champion was John L. Sullivan, nicknamed the Boston Strong Boy, who was one of the most dominant fighters of the 19th century. Sullivan is also widely recognized as the first heavy-weight champion of the world in gloved boxing and was the prototype for the superstar boxers we see today. 


BKFC is hoping that this old-school style of boxing will catch on once again. Their next main event, BKFC 14, features two title fights on November 11.  Are there any fighters today you’d like to see make the transition to bare-knuckle boxing? 

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