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Curtis Blaydes will fight Derrick Lewis at UFC Vegas 19

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Derrick Lewis (left) vs Curtis Blaydes (Right)

Photo: MMA Junkie

One of MMA’s top heavyweight Curtis Blaydes (14-2-0) will go up against Derrick Lewis (24-7-0) in the headline event of UFC Vegas 19 on Saturday, February 20.  It will be available to watch on ESPN+.

The fight was originally scheduled for November 27 but, due to Blaydes testing positive for Covid-19 the fight had to be postponed.

The winner of the match between the #2 ranked Blaydes and #4 ranked Lewis, could decide who will go on to challenge for the heavyweight title currently held by Stipe Miocic. 

 Blaydes has won his last four fights including one over former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos (21-9-0). Lewis is hot off three consecutive wins, as both fighters are coming into this fight having built some momentum. 

Since the fight was postponed back in November, the two fighters have had plenty of time to taunt the other and both are feeling confident heading into UFC Vegas 19. In an interview with MMA Junkie, Blaydes felt that while Lewis has tremendous power and he would not be able to move outside his comfort zone enough to win.


“We’re heavyweights; power is a prerequisite. I’m not overly impressed with it. Do I understand he’s got it? Yes. But do I understand that he’s just looking to knock my head off? Yes. That’s what makes him predictable. He doesn’t use his jab. He doesn’t set up combinations. He doesn’t move his feet. When he throws his rear overhand, he brings up his rear leg, and he ends up in a square stance, which is the worst thing to do against a guy like me, so there’s just so many holes in his striking.”


Lewis responded saying, “Yeah, I am predictable. It’s fine if he thinks I’m predictable. I don’t care. They all know what I’m going to do, most of them. … This will be my 21st fight in the UFC. My game plan and my game, the way I fight, my style hasn’t changed. Guys said the same thing before. And you see that I’m the knockout king, so we’ll just see. I’m predictable, OK. He’s predictable, as well.”

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