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Herb Dean's Logic About Cruz’s Allegations Against Peterson


Dominick Cruz: Getty Images

Why does UFC Referee Herb Dean believe that Dominick Cruz’s allegations against Keith Peterson Doesn’t Hold Water? Dean gives credence to the thought that there is no way that Keith Peterson would be under the influence of alcohol as no official would allow something so disrespectful to happen, both to the sport and its athletes. He thinks it was just something said in the heat of the moment. 


Dominick Cruz began his co-main event of UFC 249, looking to reclaim the UFC bantamweight champion, this time from the current champion Henry Cejudo; this would be his third time holding the belt. Cruz hadn’t fought in the UFC since his loss to Cody Garbrandt in 2016. Cruz’s attempted championship run didn’t end in his favor, as referee Keith Peterson stopped the fight before the end of the second round.


Cruz argued against the referee’s decision after the fight’s conclusion. He said he was getting back to his feet, but Peterson decided that it was enough and ended the fight.


During the post-fight show, Cruz spoke of the referee’s decision and implied it to be the result of chemically impaired judgement. “The guy smelled like alcohol and cigarettes, so who knows what he was doing,” Cruz said. “I wish they drug tested them (the referees).” 


Referee Herb Dean, who the President of the UFC Dana White called “one of the best referees in this business,” had some choice words about the situation.


Dean said. “If any of us suspect that someone’s been drinking the day of a fight, there is no way that any official is going to let that pass... we’re going to call someone out. It’s a very serious job we do.” 


Dean believes that it is just a fighter saying something in the heat of the moment.


“I excuse really anything fighters say or do in the moment of a loss because people want to compete so bad,” Dean said. “To compete at this level, it takes more than anyone knows.”


In regards to whether or not the stoppage came too early, Dean can see both perspectives, although he says that Peterson’s decision to end the fight was valid.


After the fight, Cejudo retired from the UFC, leaving his bantamweight title vacant. Dana White responded that the UFC would look to organize another title fight to fill that vacancy. The contest is rumored to involve Petr Yan and another worthy contender to decide the new UFC bantamweight champion. 


Although no matter what happens, the contender will most likely not be Dominick Cruz. 


Written by: Patryk Stepien


Herb Dean: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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