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Former Invicta Women’s Flyweight Miranda Maverick makes debut at UFC 254


Flyweight Miranda Maverick made a statement at UFC 254 after bowing out from her original debut back in June. This time around, she’s on one of the biggest UFC cards of the year, taking on Liana Jojua in the prelims. Miranda, who is an accomplished wrestler in her own right, dominated her opponent by out-striking her after receiving a gruesome facial cut. She trains at House of Muay Thai in Norfolk VA.


When asked in an interview after the fight, Maverick reportedly wasn’t satisfied with her performance.

“I wanted to put hands on her more because I wanted to get the knockout or submission,” she said. “There are people that would say it was a bad stoppage and she spouting stuff how she won the round and things, it was a joke.”


This was Miranda’s sixth victory in a row, a topic she discussed recently with Fightlet’s Sean Lennon on The Fightlete Podcast. 


In addition to this, she also discussed her issues with balancing her work, social, and university life.


“It’s difficult to keep everything balanced and scheduling my time,” she said, “it’s been hard but I’m getting it done.”


Her father Maverick wasn’t able to make the trip due to passport issues. This was the first time in her career that he wasn't physically in her corner. Her disappointment at his absence stemmed from multiple issues. 


“He hadn’t seen me fight in awhile and I wanted to show him I‘ve improved, I went in there and represented to the best of my ability.”  


As of now, she plans for her next flight to be around December, provided she is able to work around her university obligations at that time. 


As one newest and most exciting women’s fighters in UFC this year, Miranda Maverick should be in line to fight a top 15 opponent soon.  Currently, she’s training with fellow UFC Women’s Fighter Tecia Torres, who fights Angela Hill at Strawweight (115lbs) on December 12th. Follow Maveric at @fearthemaverick_homt on Instagram training and events, and follow fight lead for all of the latest in MMA and UFC news.

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