Sean Lennon


Sean Lennon brings you interviews from every level of MMA, while also focusing on wrestling. He is proud to call the Fightelete Report his brand and is glad to have such a great team to represent it. He wants to make sure we provide the viewers with the best content daily.

Michael Batts Jr.

CEO/Executive Producer

Michael Batts Jr. delivers the latest news in the boxing industry. He joined the Fightlete Report team because he believed in Sean's passion in supporting all fighters in every level. Michael and Sean agreed to create a company that lives by that motto. He wants to support you, whether you are an amateur or a pro! 

Rosy Monarrez

Lead Web Designer

Rosy Monarrez graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor's in web design. She has always had a passion for design and is very tech savvy, so she figured web design would be perfect for her. She also has experience in user experience/user interface design, coding, and video editing. She joined Fightlete in hopes to gain more knowledge and hands-on experience. Some of her other interests include traveling, going to concerts, photography, and listening to music.

Halston Greenlay

Editor in Chief

Halston Greenlay is a junior at Purdue University who is majoring in English and Minoring in computer science. Her little brother told her that if she didn't take a job reporting on the MMA that he would never talk to her again. Halston is helping the company to become more efficient and to make sure that we're only turning out the highest quality of news for you. She is hoping that her time with Fightlete will aide her in her growth as a writer and editor.

Xavier White

Assistant Editor in Chief

I am a third-year journalism major-marketing minor at Hampton University from Indianapolis, Indiana. Since the age of 14 I have had a strong passion in the field of sports writing, and have made a commitment to furthering my capabilities in the field.  I enjoy the sports of boxing and MMA which led to my connection to Fightlete. I hope to one day turn sports writing from a hobby to a full-time occupation.

Drew Pierce


Drew Pierce is a senior journalism student at Ball State University and joins the Fightlete team in hopes of expanding his writing experience into combat sports. Through diversity in coverage and effective storytelling, he plans to give a voice to the voiceless and give readers quality content. In his personal life, he enjoys collecting sports memorabilia and fishing.

Narek Gasparyan

Writer/ Social Media Manager

Narek Gasparyan enjoys doing sports and reading. Since the age of 15, he casually got into boxing and would train with dumbbells each 20 kg. He also likes to  travel, especially to mediterranean countries. Narek has good skills in writing, researching, analyzing, and public speaking. He joined Fightlete because he wanted to be a part of an organization that deals with combat sports. He also wanted to join a company that will allow him to express the current skills that he possess and to grow professionally.

Patryk Stepien


Patryk Stepien is currently a Journalism student at the University of Strathclyde in Glascow, Scotland. Some of Patryk's interests include reading and writing. In his spare time, he also enjoys boxing, which is what lead him to come across Fightlete. With his time at Fightlete, he hopes to learn some valuable skills that he can use in his field of work! 

Chris Murphy


Chris Murphy has been a writer for a few years now and has experience in sketch comedy. He is excited to step into a new field and try something different. 

Peter Schiller

Social Media Manager/ Video Editor

Peter Schiller decided to join the Fightlete Report because he wanted to use his talents to make an impact on the world of mixed martial arts and boxing. He is currently in charge of Fightlete's social media, while also being our video editor.

Jenna Mendez

Social Media Manager/ Graphic Designer

Jenna is so excited to be a part of the Fightlete team. Jenna graduated from Aurora University with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design in 2020 and is currently pursuing her master’s in Digital Marketing and Design and will graduate in 2021. In her free time, she loves to sketch, bowl, and hang out with her three dogs while binge watching “The Office”.

Kurt Konodi

Video Editor/ Production Assistant

Kurt decided to join the Fightlete Report because he is a big MMA fan. He thought that this would be a great opportunity to learn more about video production, while being surrounded by the sport.

Michael Donius


Michael Donius is a Junior at the College of the Holy Cross and has been an avid fan of mixed martial arts since he was 15. He joined Fightlete hoping to combine his passion for combat sports with his writing abilities to bring strong news and content to other MMA fans.

Mia Schumann

Social Media Manager

My name is Mia Schumann. I am a senior in college and I'm currently on track to graduate in a few short weeks! I study public relations and advertising and I also have a minor is psychology. In the past I have traveled abroad and was lucky enough to blog while doing so for my academic program. I also have done some independent work as well where I controlled social media platforms for some small businesses. I love fashion, spending time at home with my friends and traveling.

Bridie Houcek

Video Editor

As a kid, Bridie Houcek was very active in sports, but favored Karate over all of them. Then, later in life, went on to explore taekwondo and also kickboxing. There is a great appreciation for how much dedication, focus and hard work that goes into these martial arts. Bridie is graduating from Full Sail University this December 2020, has a broadcast production degree from The Illinois Center for Broadcasting, and has gained some experience within the field. They have a passion for video editing, telling a great story and look forward to working with The Fightlete Report to combine these passions together.

Neil Galivan

Video Editor

I am a DePaul student with in Associate’s in Arts, and am studying for a Film/Television major.  I joined The Fightlete Report to use and further hone my skills in video editing, for which I will pursue a career.

Staff Writer

Kirien (he/him) is a junior studying Journalism with an emphasis in reporting and strategic communication. He is also earning a certificate in Sports Communication. He hopes to one day become a beat writer for a professional baseball team. For fun, Kirien loves all things sports: playing, watching, reading, writing or talking about them.

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