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Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell

The fight between Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell in the lightweight division is rescheduled and will take place January 2, 2021 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The fight is a strive for the WBC interim lightweight title. Previously, the fight was set to happen on December 5, 2020. However due to the fact that Luke Campbell tested positive for COVID-19 the fight was postponed.    

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Previewing the boxing records of both Luke Campbell (20,3,0 16 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (20,0,0 17 KOs), the first red flag could be that Luke Campbell has already lost three fights while Ryan Garcia remained undefeated. This clearly shows that Ryan Garcia prior to this fight has displayed greater performances.


Physical comparison shows basic similarity with minimal difference between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell. Luke Campbell fights in an Southpaw stance, is  5′ 9″ by height and has  71″ wingspan while Ryan Garcia fights in an orthodox stance, is 5′ 10″ by height and has 70″  wingspan.


Many consider Ryan Garcia, “Flash” as the main favorite of the match and future of boxing, while others think that  Luke Campbell, “Cool Hand” is underestimated. It is important to take note that the California native Ryan Garcia, made a strong impression on fans due to his exceptional results prior to today. Flash got his nickname because of his lightning quickness. Also, in his interview Ryan Garcia showed up as very confident about his victory when he said “ I’m gonna punish him and then go on to Fight Tank. So I’m not even worried about Luke Campbell”. 


On the other hand, Luke Campbell expressed very aggressively that “I Am Gonna Punish Him”. Luke Campbell’s assurance was a response to Ryan Garcia, who usually makes underestimating expressions about his opponents such as he did in September by tweeting “I’ve never seen a competitor that is happy that he lost and that’s luke Campbell…” 


Finally, the major opinion about Ryan Garcia about Luke Campbell is that he loses every time he has an opportunity. However, despite all of the commentary that Ryan Garcia made. It is worthy to mention that Luke Campbell won the WBC International Lightweight Title in 2014 and the WBC Silver Lightweight Title in 2016. Which shows that the boxer is capable of achieving.

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December 14, 2020

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