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Andy Ruiz Jr. defeats Chris Arreola in WBA title eliminator

Andy Ruiz proves that he still has it and defeats Chris Arreola in a great display

Frank Micelotta/ Fox Sports

Andy Ruiz Jr. is well on his way back to the top as he defeats Chris Arreola in his first comeback fight since his title fight rematch against Anthony Joshua in Dec. 2019. His opponent Arreola was coming off of a 2019 loss against Adam Kownacki in Aug. 2019. The fight between the two was a WBA heavyweight title eliminator. Ruiz defeated Arreola in a unanimous decision after 12 great rounds.

The fight started strong, with the two having a fast first round. The two fighters felt each other out, and it seemed that Ruiz was in control of the momentum until the second round hit. In the second round, it was Arreola who led the pace. He was able to force Ruiz down to the canvas. Ruiz had barely touched the canvas before he was back up, but it was clear that he was on the defensive for the remainder of the round.

Ruiz, never being one to let a stint on the canvas bring him down he was able to recover quickly. The third round seemed to be Arreola’s as well as he was able to send Ruiz staggering back to the ropes. Despite Arreola’s continued onslaught, the former champion was able to regain composure and even fight back in the third.

It was after the third round where the fight had begun to shift towards Ruiz’s favor. He was able to rout Arreola and regain control over the fight in the following rounds. As soon as the fifth round, he was able to gain dominance of the fight.

Ruiz set the pace of the fight for the remainder of the fight, and it was clear that his training with Eddy Reynoso had paid off. He neutralized most of Arreola’s offensive, and he struck out against the veteran fighter. In the ninth round, Ruiz was able to connect a strong right against Arreola, and he hit him with a hook to the arm, which made the seasoned fighter wince.

To Arreola’s credit, the older fighter who stopped Deontay Wilder from having a perfect KO victory record was able to withstand Ruiz despite the blood that the former champion had drawn from Arreola’s nose.

The official scoring of the fight was (117-110, 118-109, 118-109). This scoring, however, seems absurd. It is hard to believe that Arreola only won a single round. Arreola himself had a few choice words for the judges as he obviously thought that regardless of the losing ruling that he deserved a more fair ruling.

The result of the fight will allow Ruiz to have another opportunity at a heavyweight title as he will be able to face the WBA heavyweight champion. This can be Anthony Joshua, depending on whether or not the fight between the two Brit champions happens.

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