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Bellator 198 Live Play by Play Results


Welterweight R’Mandel Cameron Def. P.J. Cajigas via Unanimous Decision (30-27 29-28 29-28)

Featherweight Asef Askar vs. Andrew Johnson Majority Draw

Bantamweight Joey Diehl def. Nate Williams Submission (Triangle Choke) 1st R

Eric Wisely def. R.Morgan Sickinger by Submission Armbar 1st R (1:12)

Official Prelims on

Welterweight Mark Stoddard Def.  Dan Stittgen by Submission (Triangle Choke) R1 (4:43)

Featherweight Adil Benjilany Def. Corey Jackson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

R1 Good boxing by both figheers I’ll give the edge to Jackson after he dropped Adil with a straight. Adil fires back cornering Jackson against the cage landing combos of punches, knees, and a spinning elbow that brings he crowd to their feet.  Jackson somehow survives by not going down from the assault of Adil.  Jackson gets a huge takedown that scores.

R2 This round was much closer.  Adil kept back for most of the fight while Corey just kept his position.

R3 Jackson is able to secure a takedown middle of second round Jackson and Adil have exchanged postitions a couple of times and then from the top Adil lands some punches to end the round.

Heavyweight . Robert Morrow Def. Adam Maciejewski by Unanimous Decision (29-28 29-28, 29-28)

R1 Adam gets on side control and is scoring from control there.  Adam tring to get creative tries a submission attempt by isolating a arm but Morrow escapes.  Morrow throws some punches form the top before round ends.

R2 For most of the round we are seeing a slow stand-up fight.  not much leather being thrown wild spinning head kick by Adam misses.  Morrow tries for a takedown but Adam manages to skip out very easily. Adam now landing kicks and punches although infrequent.  Adam throws a few more jabs that land before the round ends.

R3 More of the same Adam putting together frequent jabs and kicks while Morrow is just measuring him staying still.  Crowd is booing. Morrow launches himself in for a body lock looking to secure a takedown against the cage.  Adam is coming in aggressive which leads to a wild exchange to end the fight.

Welterweight Sultan Umar def. Tom Angeloff  by Unanimous Decision (30-26 30-27 30-27)

Sultan Umar is getting outgrappled by Angeloff in the first couple rounds.  Umar now being more aggressive and is throwing his kcik and jabs more fequently Sultan gets close and drops Angeloff for a takedown. Tom back to his feet as Umar wants to engage him there.  Not much action happening till the end of the round.

Main Card on Paramount Network

Welterweight Dillon Danis def. Kyle Walker Submission (Toe Hold) 1st R (1:38)

R1 Dannis is comfortable on his feet to start.  Dannis after defending a takedown gets in position from bottom and reverses in for a lethal leg lock and gets the finish.

Welterweight Neiman Gracie vs. Javier Torres by Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) 2nd R (3:18)

R1 Gracie gets ahold of a leg kick and takes Torres down.    Gracie really putting his BJJ skills to use well.  He grabs a heel and sits out for a heel hook attempt, Javier manages to prevent him from extending it but still trapped.  Gracie now has both of Javiers’s legs trapped in a lower body triangle lock and working in punches to end the round.

R2 Gracie clinches Javier against the cage, we see him score a takedown and from there he’s keeping his chest close from full guard.  Neiman now in half guard making  an attempt to pass.  Neiman finally gets past his guard and works in a arm triangle choke to get the tap.

Catchweight Raphael Lovato Jr.(186.5) def. Gerald Harris (188) by Submission (Armbar) 1st R (1:11)

R1 Lovato comes in with a knee then gets clipped by Harris who drops him.  Pateient now, from bottom Lovato Jr. reveses him and is able to lock in a nasty armbar for the tap.

Co- Main Event

Featherweight Emmanuel Sanchez def. Sam Sicilia  by Submission (Standing Arm Triangle) 1st R (3:52)

R1 Sicilia comes in w a clinch against the cage on Sanchez and tries for a takedown.  Sanchez rolls it into a submission heel hook attempt but Sicilia slips out.  Standing up again oth engage and Sanchez gets Sicilia’s back he gets standing side arm triangle Sicilia drops down only to be on a worse position as he taps out.

World Heavyweight Grand Prix Round 1

Bellator 198 Main Event

Fedor Emeianenko vs. Frank Mir by TKO 1st R (48 secs)

R1 what a start Mir dropped by Fedor early on but is back on, they keep on engaging in a wild flurry Mir is caught by a solid uppercut and is dropped, ref gives Mir enough time to recover but Fedor fnishes him TKO



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