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Boxer Jermall Charlo arrested on robbery charges

WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo was arrested Wednesday after an altercation at a San Antonio restaurant

Source: Getty Images

WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo was arrested this past Wednesday after being charged with three counts of 2nd-degree robbery. The charges stem from a dispute that occurred when Charlo and his entourage were at a bar. According to police, Charlo and his entourage failed to pay a substantial bill after an argument with a server. The incident took place the day after Charlo's brother Jermell fought Brian Castaño in San Antonio for the undisputed junior middleweight title.

The boxer is alleged to have had his credit card declined multiple times and then grew irate with the server, allegedly taking two of the server's books and removing his driver's license from one and cash from the other. Later, he allegedly threatened the restaurant staff, and he and his entourage exited the restaurant.

Charlo's attorney Kent A. Schaeffer spoke with ESPN regarding the situation. Schaeffer disputed the police's version of the incident, saying that Charlo's card was initially denied because the boxer's bank had detected fraudulent charges. Once the payment had gone through, the party's server told Charlo that his bank card had been lost.

"He wasn't trying to walk the tab," Schaffer told ESPN. "It's very, very clear he was trying to pay. He didn't rob anyone. He didn't steal anything from anybody. He never put his hands on one person."

Schaeffer believes that the case can get dismissed.

"It's a totally bogus case, and the (police) officer knew that it was, but filed it anyway, trying to embarrass Jermall," Schaffer said.

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