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Clash of the TITANS in 2020? “I’m Back” Evander Holyfield Responds to Mike Tyson

Retired boxer Evander Holyfield responded to Mike Tyson’s return on Wednesday, saying that he would be willing to fight him again-- which would effectively rekindle one of boxing's most infamous rivalries.

When asked if he would want to meet Tyson in the ring again, Holyfield said, “If he [Tyson] wants to. If I ask him it's almost like me being a bully saying I want to go against somebody I've beaten twice.”

Holyfield’s comments come as a response to a training video posted to Tyson’s Instagram on May 11th, where Iron Mike showcases the same viciousness that captivated audiences during the height of his career.


The question now becomes who do we think is going to come out on top. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson Statistics

Evander Holyfield Age – 57, Fights – 57, Wins – 44, KOs – 29, Losses – 10, Draws – 2, No Contests – 1, Height – 6ft 2½ins, Reach – 78ins, Stance – Orthodox

Mike Tyson Age – 53, Fights – 58, Wins – 50, KOs – 44, Losses – 6, Draws – 0, No Contests – 2, Height – 5ft 10ins, Reach – 70ins, Stance – Orthodox


When looking at both athlete’s training and exercises, there is one thing that immediately stands out. From a physical standpoint, Tyson remains as solid as iron, much like he was during his fighting days. In the opposite corner is Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield, who is still full of power and speed despite his age.

Interestingly, both boxers do not attempt to hide any of their fighting approach or training from the public. A few reasons for this are their age, character, and potential fighting format.

Both boxers are motivated to help those in need, and their fight would not be for a title but instead to benefit a charity of their choosing. There is also no reason to keep their training secretive, because much of their regimen is already well-known to the world. Furthermore, neither fighter has any interest in any more title runs, and instead are only concerned with personal pride.

The tension always seems to run high whenever the two are in the ring, and it has been proven that anything can happen when they meet. Tyson was unable to beat Holyfield in their fight in 1996. When it looked like he was going to fall to the same fate in 1997, he decided to bite Holyfield’s ear in order to save his reputation as “The Baddest Man On The Planet”. They have since forgiven one another and moved past the situation, but the fact remains that Tyson has never beaten Holyfield.

Finally, it is important to take into consideration the warlike mood Tyson expresses in his last activities. The caption paired with his Twitter training video is “I’m a Bad Boy for Life”.

Furthermore, on a #PlayApartTogether Facebook Livestream he said, “I have a feeling that I was unstoppable. Gods of war woke me up. They lit a fire in my ego, and I intend again to go to war.”

The fight is rumored to take place sometime between July 3-11, although the venue of the fight is currently up in the air. One possible location to keep your eye on is Abu-Dabi, as it is rumored that Mike Tyson wants $20 million to have the fight there.

In an attempt to measure the reactions of fans, many key details involving the fight are currently being kept private from the public. This will allow organizers of the event to apply the best strategy that triggers the most public interest in the fight.

Written by: Narek Gasparyan

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