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Devin Haney’s rise to stardom

Newcomer Devin Haney is being touted as a rising star in the boxing industry, and many have gone as far as calling him the next Floyd Mayweather. While comparisons are often made between fighters today and fighters of the past, they rarely have as many similarities as Haney to Mayweather.

Haney is not content with his title as a rising star. He wants to be remembered as an all-time great when his career is in the books. This will to succeed is what sets him apart from his peers, as he seems to have his sights set on becoming far more than just great.

The 21-year-old has the all-important “It factor” that sets championship athletes apart from their competition. Haney was honored upon hearing the comparisons between him and Mayweather but he wanted to blaze his own trail in the industry. This fact further reinforces the notion that Haney's star will soon shine bright. Most would be elated at such a comparison, but Haney knows that he is capable of achieving far more than someone with the title of an understudy.

“My only mentality is nobody can beat me.” Devin Haney


Haney already looks like he could stand his ground against anyone in the industry, despite only being 21-years-old. He has held the WBC Lightweight Championship since 2019 and has yet to lose a fight in the ring. The skilled mover already has 24 wins in his career, and 15 of which ended in knockout.

It is clear that Haney is one of the rising stars in the industry today, but the question is whether he will fizzle out like so many before him. Only time will tell if his big dreams will turn to dreams of grandeur, but it would not be wise to bet against him. Being recognized as the ‘New Mayweather’ is only chapter one in his incredible journey.

"It's a story I can tell for the rest of my life. Me being able to spar Mayweather, is like someone playing basketball and being able to say they got to play Michael Jordan one-on-one.That was a dream come true." Devin Haney


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