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“Eye” destroys “Ear” Jessica Eye punches Leslie Smith’s ear off at UFC

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In the preliminary card of UFC 180 we saw Jessica “Evil” Eye defeat Leslie Smith when she literally tore her ear halfway off in the first round of their Bantamweight division match (see the above video).  The cageside doctors decided to stop the fight 1:30 in the second round resulting TKO (doctor stoppage).  Smith being the warrior she is protested before the stoppage occured while she was being examined.  Smith quoted saying “I was pretty mad in the cage. I saw some pictures afterward and I appreciate the doctors looking out for me. I guess. I should’ve adjusted to protect my ear before the doctors had to stop it.” Thank you to all the fight fans. I’ll do better next time.”  ( During the fight Eye said she kept targeting the ear of Smith purposely to get the victory.  Jessica Eye gets her first win the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Division after controversial circumstances led to a No Contest loss and a Decision loss.

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