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Fightlete News Update 12/15/14


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Iranian Gunman holding hostages in Sydney Australia

According to Fox News, A 16 hour standoff ended early this morning in Sydney, Australia when the Iranian gunman Man Haron Moris was killed.  A unkown number of hostages were held at gunpoint by the Iranian who was known for sending hatemail to families of fallen soldiers.  What began Monday (Australian Calendar) at Lindt Chocolat Café came to a dramatic end when Police stormed toting rifles and lobbing flash grenades on 230am (local time) Tuesday. In the aftermath paramedics on hand were seen taking four of the hostages out on stretchers,there’s an unconfirmed report that two people are dead from the incident including the gunman.

“Police and paramedics have stormed the building,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported. “Dozens of continuous bangs and possibly gun shots have lit up the sky.”

Network Ten reported that Monis, seen wielding a shotgun and a machete, has forced hostages to call him “The Brother” and demanded to speak directly with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

During the standoff several hostages were seen hands up in the air and pressed at the glass of the window as they were rotated by the gunman to do so.  Also two people were forced to hold up a black flag associated Islamic fanaticism .  One woman was forced hold up against the glass for up to two hours, an agonizing amount of time for her to standup that long.  The shop which is located in the heart of Sydney’s business district was the site which had the Australian citizens watching the events unfold for hours on television.


Sony warns media about hacked info release

According to USA Today, Sony is still reeling after getting their email accounts hacked.  The news organiziations may be held accountable if they decide to  publish the hacked emails and files.  Sony’s lawyer David Boies and published by tech news site Recode, said leaked e-mails, documents and other files amount to “stolen information” and that Sony “does not consent to your possession, review, copying, dissemination, publication, uploading, downloading, or making any use of the Stolen Information.”

“If you do not comply with this request, and the Stolen Information is used or disseminated by you in any manner, SPE will no choice but to hold you responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use,” wrote Boies.  In November  Sony disclosed the details of the hacking attack in their  network which included embarrassing internal e-mails, sensitive financial information, staffer salaries and information about upcoming movies, as well as several movies being leaked to file-sharing sites.

The group taking credit for the hack “The Guardians of Peace”  has demanded that Sony halt the release of the upcoming film “The Interview” a comedy about an assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.  Sony has called for all news organizations to destroy all copies information from the hack via their lawyers.  North Korea has denied any involvement in the attacks.


Former and Current Fighters are suing the UFC for 100s of Millions!

According to there is a massive class action lawsuit against the UFC by former and current fighters.  It is confirmed by multiple sources that the lawsuit is not only in the works but is now imminent .  The recently  announced Reebok sponsorship has now been factored into the lawsuit now resulting in some strategic changes.  No potential signatory names have been able to be confirmed to be a part of the lawsuit so far.  The lawsuit will be based on accusations that the UFC has violated antitrust laws by abuse of “market power” to intentionally and systematically cripple the free market.

The pending lawsuit which is being referred to as a “game changer”  has the fighters represented by three to four large law firms which have been renowned for antitrust litigation, have won major class action antitrust cases against larger targets including banking, credit, technology and pharmaceutical industries.  According to one well known former fighter “These are major plays these are not people (UFC) will not be able to out-spend.”  According to reporters  Bloody Elbow John Nash and Brent Brookhouse “The manager of one high profile fighter who wished to remain anonymous has informed Bloody Elbow that the plaintiffs will be seeking damages for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars due to  reduced fight purses, video game rights fees, and other sources of income.”   Today former UFC Fighter Sean Sherk publicly stated on twitter that he wants to join the lawsuit and linked the article to his facebook page quoting “The have stuck it to too many people too many times.” Stay tuned here as we will report on this lawsuit ,which has the potential to change the way UFC changes the way they do business, with any updates including response from the UFC as they become available.

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