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Fightlete News Update 12/30

Manziel “Party Reports” 100% False


Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was reported to have a huge party last Friday night.  Manziel apologized for missing Saturday’s “Walkthrough” but denied reports of him throwing a party in Cleveland calling them “100 percent false” and was with three friends from back home that night.  Manziel, who has been through a lot of scrutiny in the public eye throughout the season, knows that his apology won’t hold a lot of weight.  “It’s about action,” said Manziel, clearly frustrated with the situation. “It’s about being accountable and doing what I’m gonna say instead of looking like a jackass.”(  The head coach of the Cleveland Browns Mike Pettine said that at some point “talk is cheap”  and that the future of the quarterback position is “muddy at best” (  “He’s gotten himself to the point with me that his actions are much more important than what he says,” said Pettine.  Manziel was very upset he let his teammates down Saturday but refutes the claim that teammate’s Josh Gordon was with him that night saying that although he was with him during the day, he wasn’t responsible for his absence.  Gordon was suspended for missing the Walkthrough Saturday as an active player.

“It sucks because of the perception I’ve based around myself — I’ve done this to myself — that that was allowed to be reported and people are just allowed to nod their head and act like that went on,” Manziel said.

Added Manziel: “Either I’m going to learn or I’m going to be finding something else to do.”

Manziel announced to the local media he wanted to be “the guy” for the franchise, to take ownership of the job and take this offseason more seriously than last. He also apologized to the veterans of the Browns team for allowing all the attention to him being in the locker room now because of his actions and the distractions that go along with it.

NFL Coaches Fired on “Black Monday”

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Today in what is known as “Black Monday” around the NFL three team’s head coaches and staff was fired.  To start off The New York Jets coach for the past four years, Rex Ryan has been fired along with GM Idzik. The Atlanta Falcons let go of their head coach for seven seasons, Mike Smith.  Smith along with GM Dimitroff and #1 draft pick Matt Ryan was responsible for the success Atlanta had the first five winning seasons of his tenure.  Now with his second losing season in a row Smith was let go by the Falcons.  In Chicago GM Phil Emery is out along with head coach Marc Trestman after going 5-11 in his third losing season in charge of the Bears.  Trestman is gone after only two seasons as The Bears look to rebuild their franchise in what many are calling their worst season in recent history.  San Franciso 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be announced Tuesday as the new head coach of The University of Michigan Wolverines reports.  Harbaugh’s departure from the 49ers was announced Sunday, where he started with three winning seasons in row and made a losing Superbowl appearance in 2013.

UFC is among companies hacked in LulzXmas Event.

Posted on December 29, 2014 by fightletereport



User information of the UFC Fight Pass have been released by hackers according to  UFC’s information is not the lone victim as information from various retail and media outlets have also been released as well.  The hackers which go by the name “Anonymous” have also taken credit for UbiSoft, PSN, XBL, EA Games, Walmart and Dell as part of what they called LulzXmas hacking event.



According to The Daily Dot

“The stolen personal information was released in a massive text file posted the document sharing site Ghostbin. The compromised sites run the gamut from pornography to gaming to online shopping.

Some of the most significant leaks came from online video gaming networks like Xbox Live, the Sony PlayStation Network, and There was information from accounts at Walmart, Amazon, and Hulu Plus, as well as keys to computer games like The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins, and a whole lot of porn sites.

Judging from the document, the following sites were compromised or, at the very least, had some of their user data stolen-possibly through malware installed onto users’ personal devices or other nefarious methods.”

This is not the first time the UFC’s official website has been hacked, back in June 2012 which resulted in the website being taken down temporarily.  UFC TV is now UFC Fight Pass, the organization’s online streaming service that provides combat sports fans with live events, replays, and original programming. Naturally, that requires a credit card along with a monthly subscription (

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