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Floyd Mayweather Is Not Sold On Lomachenko

Boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. said he does not see any similarities between himself and rising star Vasyl Lomanchenko. While he admits Lomanchenko deserves praise for some of his accomplishments, including winning two gold medals in the Olympics, he believes the gold medal winner has a long way to go before he is considered an all-time great.


While most others have bought into Lomanchenkos fighting ability, Mayweather believes onlookers were too quick to crown him. Mayweather was so confident in this notion that he put a massive bet on fellow fighter Teófimo López in his bout against Lomanchenko this past weekend.

López won the contest by way of unanimous decision and Mayweather, who was able to stay faithful to his nickname, was rewarded $20,000 for his wager. What may arguably be worth more than the money for Mayweather was the validation that he made a correct assessment of Lomachenko.

Lomachenko’s WBO Featherweight Championship victory in his third professional fight is arguably the main reason why he is viewed as one of the greatest of all time. Nevertheless, Mayweather believes this improbable victory has led the standout fighter to be overrated.


Mayweather seemed to have taken offense to the fact that he has been compared to Lomanchenko, and he was not shy about sharing his thoughts on this matter in a recent interview with Showtime Boxing.

I take my hat off to all these fighters, you know,” Mayweather said. “I had my day in the sport. And even when, a lot of time, they were talking about comparing [Vasyl Lomachenko] to me. I didn’t have to have 500 amateur fights.

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