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HFC 34 Results

Location Horeshoe Hammond, 14 Fights Pro/Amateur Main Event- HFC Featherweight Title Chepe Machine Gun” Mariscal vs Carl Deaton III Featuring Fighters from the Top Gyms in the area and nationwide including American Top Team and Elevation Fight Team. Main Event features Chepe Mariscal from Elevation Fight Team vs. Carl Deaton III From American Top Team.

HFC 34 Results


170lb- Tyler Veal vs Devin Laseter

1st R Veal w accidental low blow once match restarts Devin is aggressive swinging wild Veal goes for a take-down gets stuffed however. Now Veal gauging distance gets a huge over the shoulder take down and peppering him w shots but Devin scrambles up. Devin comes in w aggressive jabs but misses to close the round.

2nd R Tyler goes after Devin w swinging hooks while Devin runs away. Tyler looks like the fresher fighter, Tyler gets a light head kick that lands. Tyler is striking smart and efficient Frustrating Devin to close the round.

3rd R Devin comes in aggressive swinging a left hook and jabs all evaded and blocked by Tyler who circles away. Devin keeping this fight close bet them but missing shots. Tyler w some uppercuts but eat a straight by Devin. Tyler gets a hard head connect that connects. Tyler gets on top after a take-down on Devin who’s tired and finishes strong w ground n pound.

Tyler Veal def Devin Laseter by Unanimous Decision.


155lb- Oscar Barrera vs. Alan Baum


1 Fight Starts quickly Baum gets the take-down and then gets a rear naked choke in Oscar fights out but Baum has the head clinch and gets in punches w it. Fight stops temporarily w low knees connected on Ayala from Baum. Ayala stays tight both are close and exchanging punches w Baum connecting more.

2 Baum gets in c Guillotine by Ayala but defended then Ayala takes the back and gets in a rear naked choke for the win.

Oscar Barera def Alan Baum by Rear Naked Choke 2nd R.

115lb- Sandra Thomas vs Kara Vislosky 1 Fight goes to ground with a take-down by Sarah Thomas who has a headlock on Kara. Kara able to get out from under Sarah right into Full Guard. Not much action w Sarah holding onto her and keeping her from punching.

2 Sarah throws front kicks not connecting on Kara who is out of reach. Kara connects on a jab leg kick fired back by Sarah. Both keep missing on punches Sarah closes in gets a headlock on cage trying to judo throw her but can’t Kara gets uppercuts in from the headlock.

3 Sarah more aggressive throwing up the jab but missing she then comes in w a combo that connects. She trows another combo but Kara defends Sarah again clinches but not able to take her down. They are up against the cage for a bit struggling for control after they separate Sarah connects on a front kick.

Kara Vislosky def Sarah Thomas by Unanimous Decision.


HFC Amateur 125lb Title Konner Chafin vs Payton Brezinski 1 Chafin closes distance and clinches w Payton on cage. Konner gets a trip but unable to keep him down. Another Take down by Konnor Now on bottom Payton fights back up but after going in for a take-down defended by Konner round ends.


2nd Both come to center Konnor swings w hooks and connects Payton trying to get this to the ground after a clinch against the cage. Again Konnor closes in distance and effectively strikes and gets in a knee.

3rd Konnor initiates a clinch and gets knees to body. Now has him against the cage Konnor pushing for a under-hook and gets it. Now Payton takes over w a trip and then working from top. Some awkward angling gets him on Konnor’s back standing up. He peppering him w shots looking for the choke but gets shaken off. Choke still initiated on the ground as Konnor is positioned bet Payton’s leg to the finish.

Payton Brezinski def Konnor Chafin by Unanimous Decision


145lb Matthew Brown vs Kanat Tassybay 1st Action packed 1st R seeing Brown connecting on a left hook and taking Kanat’s back and then sinking in a rear naked sitting choke. Kant’s fights out and then exchange up against the cage w Emanate getting the better of him.


2nd Kanat is taken down and Kanat working a neck crank but lets it go. Kanat connects on a hook combo. Kanat lands a spinning back fist and then is blocked on spinning back kick. Brown connects with some solid punches on Kanat who looks tired. Kanat drops Brown and finishes the round on top landing punches.

3rd R Both are circling each other with and start swinging Kanat landing more Kanat then trips Brown and gets in side control. Kanat w his unique striking lands occasionally. Brown lands more solid shots. Spinning Back kick attempted by Kanat but doesn’t land flush. Kanat gets on top after a take-down not much happening till end of round.

Kanat Tassaby def Matt Brown by Unanimous decision

185lb- Ryot Waller vs Gabriel Mota

Ryot Waller def Gabriel Mota by Rear Naked Choke 2nd R


155lb- Sinatra Pool vs Corey Jackson

1st Jackson and Pool exchange but Jackson gets in a take-down and making Pool working and struggling to get up holding him in a bulldog to end the round.


2nd Both engage bot not much action Jackson comes in low w a hook but gets caught above. Jackson has a leg kick connected but Pool shakes it off Jackson takes him down but Pool quickly gets up. Pool is taking more chances and working a front kick and connects. Jackson being evasive but gets caught w a straight Jab and is dropped. Pool patiently works on top but Jackson is clearly not even rocked and gets up. Jackson gets a straight before the round ends.

3rd Jackson gets in a leg kick Pool comes in w a low front kick and connects. Pool is again leading w the front leg kick to get inside Jackson Jackson using leg kick to defend and then works jab. Pool keeping busy but both are tired Pool w a side front kick Jackson blocks and attempted a take-down which is stuffed. Corey and Pool exchange, Pool now is cut. Pool working the leg kick into the jab Corey has smarten up to it goes up top and connects. Fight ends w a exchange.

Corey Jackson by Split Decision

170lb- Antoine Gray vs Gilbert Shamoun Gilbert Shamoun by TKO 1st R.

145lb- Max Fuentes vs Ryan Peters

Fuentes by Rear Naked Choke 1st R.

135lb- Darby Halferty vs Brandon Shelhart 1st Darby aggressive with the jab get gets a take-down on Brandon. Brandon is now bleeding from the face. Darby keeps moving forward but Brandon able to catch him w jab coming in.


2nd Brandon now keeping up pressure but Halferty is composed. Brandon able to block a body kick now catches Darby w a leg kick. Darby just standing as Brandon is circling him and connecting. Big Left Hook to the Head connected for Brandon Keeps connecting on Darby who’s eating shots till the round ends.

3rd Darby and Brandon now tired clinch up. Brandon now staying tight and using footwork, Darby gets a take-down after Brandon opens up w tries. Darby now struggles to keep Brandon down and they stand w him holding a neck clinch. Brandon Scrambles to take the back and now has a Choke attempt adjusts and now getting both hooks in but lets go now Darby flattens up and Brandon sinks in again to get the choke for the tapout.

Brandon Shelhart def Darby Halferty by Rear Naked Choke 3rd R

HFC 155lb Title Cameron Vancamp vs Austin Hubbard


R1 VanCamp gets a take down after feeling each other out and works a rear naked choke having both hooks in, but escapes out and now Austin on top scrambling up. Austin works from the mount not much going on both stand toward the end of the round.


R2 VanCamp initiates a clinch but doesn’t get it. Both feeling each other out. Austin connects on a left hook after Van Camp misses. Van Camp w a spinning back punch but grazes Austin. Not too much action both guys circling around. Austin edging out the round. Van Camp sporting a bloody nose after a couple hard punches land.

R3 Van Camp w a knee on Austin that connects. Austin threatens w some punches then goes in w a hard right that lands flush and stuns Van Camp. Van Camp catches Austin coming in w a clinch and wraps around his back now he gets a take-down but Austin gets right back up and is in side control. Now on top Austin gets in half guard. Van Camp blocks the full mount attempt successfully.

R4 Van Camp lands a straight knee to the head which opens p Austin who does a good job defending a follow up back clinch by Van Camp. Austin gets a take-down and now from the guard using hammer-fists, Van Camp holds guard.

Austin Hubbard def Cameron Van Camp By TKO

HFC 145 Title Carl Deaton III vs. Chepe Mariscal


R1 Both exchange after the first minute Chepe is on point w his boxing opening up a cut on Carl. Chepe and Carl exchange w Chepe getting the better of them. Powerful take-down by Chepe who works from guard but Carl gets right back up. Chepe ends the round connecting on several shots

R2 Carl is patient looking to counter-punch. He catches Chepe w a take-down Chepe scrambles up looks for a take-down attempt but they got stuffed. Deaton putting together combos. Chepe gets a solid knee to the liver. Carl is evasive using shots to back Chepe up to the cage. Right head kick by Carl blocked by Chepe.

Chepe gets a body kick that’s blocked. Carl coming forward but blocked by Chepe’s punches from closing in. Eye poke stops the action. Ref Rob Hines deducts a point from Carl. Now a low blow halts the action again. Deaton gets a big take-down wrapping Chepe up in a guillotine attempt as the Round ends.

R3 Chepe now comes in w jabs aggressive. Deaton goes low and tries a take-down but they clinch against the cage now separate. Deaton sets up a beautiful take-down works on top now has side control pushing Chepe against the fence. Chepe tries to get up Carl drags him down w neck clinch. Chepe catches Carl in a wild exchange that drops him. Attempted a kimura but Carl counters w a take-down they separate. Chepe is eating punches while being under Deaton


R4 Carl connects w a high head kick flush on Chepe who is unfazed. Chepe w a huge take-down Carl scrambles up after moments later, Carl now smells blood as he connects on straight punches and being backed up. Chepe now has a swollen eye. Carl moving forward using lead kicks and now landing combos. Chepe eating alot of damage and yet keeps moving forward. Deaton lands a knee and a couple more punches to end the round.

R5 Chepe and and Carl exchange Carl gets in close and Chepe fails at a clinch. Chepe has a hard left hook connected. Chepe has a spirited now and connects on straight jobs coming aback. Chepe w a leaping left hook connects tries again but then is taken down. Carl unable to control Chepe they stand and exchange to a photo finish.

Chepe Mariscal by Unanimous Decision.

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