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'High possibility' of Jason Quigley v. Canelo Alvarez.

According to Jason Quigley, fighting Canelo Alvarez is all but confirmed.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Jason Quigley, an Irish up and coming middleweight is one of many possible opponents for Canelo for his next fight. Other potential prospects are Callum Smith and John Ryder, who like Quigley come from the British Isles.

Canelo and Quigley are both members of Golden Boy Promotions; due to this, Quigley believes that he will be the one selected. Coincidentally, Quigley's professional debut was on the undercard of one of Canelo's bouts.

"A few years on and I'm possibly going to be fighting Canelo Alvarez," said Quigley to Sky Sports. "It's been a crazy career for me. It's been an enjoyable one, there's been a lot of ups and downs."

Quigley has been a part of the Golden Boy stable since his announcement that he would become a professional in 2014

"But it's a high possibility now. Golden Boy and my Sheer Sports Management team have been in touch with me. They have offered me the fight, to fight Canelo Alvarez, and it's all there.

Despite not being the only potential fighter in line for a bout with Canelo, Quigley remains optimistic and is eager to show Canelo what he is capable of.

"I have been asked, 'would I take the fight?' 100 percent, I said 'yes.' Canelo Alvarez is the best out there at the minute, he's the face of boxing, and I want to get in there and I want to see how good he really is, and give him everything I've got, if it all comes off."

Jason Quigley's last fight was against Fernando Marin im January, which he won by way of a knock out. The 28-year-old hasn't gotten a chance to prove himself against any big-time opponents yet. He only has a single loss under his belt, and it seems that a match up with Canelo won't be a difficult one for Canelo.

The history for this bout is likely more cynical than a simple challenge fight. Due to Quigley's frankly unimpressive record and career performance, he could be picked simply because he'd be a cheap fight for Canelo. As stated by Eric Gomez, president of Golden Boy Promotions, earlier this month, if a fight has no live gates, then Canelo is expected to earn a lot less money for the contest.

Picking an outclassed opponent for a quick fight, which would keep Canelo in shape as well as give the DAZN subscribers who are eager for another event, seems like a good idea. This would be the fourth fight of Canelo's that would be broadcast on DAZN as the fighter currently holds an exclusive broadcast contract with DAZN. The deal lasts for five years and is good for 11 of Canelo's fights.

Despite Quigley being a massive underdog in this match-up, there is a possibility that this fight could surprise fans of the sport. If the Irishman were to win, it would not be the first time that a relative 'nobody' came virtually out of nowhere to beat the obvious favorite. Whether or not the fight would be an upset or whether or not it'll even happen remains to be seen.

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