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Hitz Boxing Fight Night at The Horseshoe 3/28/15 Results


The Venue at the Horseshoe

Hammond, IN

Antoine Knight (3-16) vs. Romiro Carrillo (6-0) – junior welterweight division Round 1 – KO Knight aggressive early but caught by a solid punch. David Diaz is trainer for Carrillo.

Jose Arambula vs. Mike Fowler – didn’t review

Joey Hefferle (3-1) vs. Carl Currie (0-2) – Round 1 – Movement by both fighters but not much real action or exchanges. Round 2 – Same as the first round with a little more connecting by Joey. Round 3 – Joey controlled the action and dominated. Not much by Currie. Round 4 – Unanimous Decision for Joey. Much of the same. To the judges. 40-36 by two judges for Joey. The other 39-37 for Joey.

Sam Horowitz (2-0) vs. Simon Buettner (6-1) – light heavyweight division Round 1 – Sloppy first round. Round 2 – TKO Doctor checking Sam’s eye start of round. Sam taking punishment but won’t go down. Referee calls a stop to the fight. Might have been a bit too soon.

Will Coix (5-0) vs. Benito Tovar (5-1-2) – big crowd for Will. Round 1 – Both fighters working during the round. Will more ring presence. Benito aggressive at the 10 second count. Probably not enough for the round. Round 2 – Pretty even round. Round 3 – Again both fighters doing work. Another close round. Most competitive fight of the night so far. Round 4 – Draw Another active round. Will scoring the more effective shots though. Going to the scorecards. All judges 38-38.

Fred Bowen (4-1-1) vs. Zach Knox (1-0) – junior welterweight division Round 1 – TKO Bowen aggressive. Knox takes a knee. Bowen continues to be aggressive. Referee stoppage.

Nick Ramirez (5-0-1) vs. Antoine Elerson (2-10) – junior middleweight division Round 1 – Nick dominated the round. Had Antonie on the ropes frequently working the body. Round 2 – Slow start to round. Nick doing some work on ropes mid-point. Slow end to round. Round 3 – TKO Antonie takes a knee. Seems like exhaustion or complaint of an illegal hit. Referee stops the fight.

Mike Reid (1-0) vs. William Chouloute (2-4) – light heavyweight division Round 1 – Mike solid right that triggered an aggressive attack. Referee pauses round for doctor to check cut on Mike. Not sure if head butt or punch. Round 2 – Pretty even round. Round 3 – Hard right from Mike mid-way. Stunned William. Round 4 – Unanimous Decision for Reid. Referee warns Mike for behind the head blow. Mike trying more this round. It is the last one. Both fighters aggressive during the second half of the round. Decision upcoming. All 3 judges score the bout 40-36 for Mike Reid.

Fidel Navarrete (7-0-2) vs. Dewayne Wisdom (5-21-1) – junior lightweight division Round 1 – Wisdom checked by doctor for an accidental head butt causing a cut. Wisdom having difficulty seeing out of eye due to blood. Round 2 – Fidel working Dwayne in the corner. A few good shots connected. Referee having doctor take a look again at cut. Both fighters get into it after the bell. Referee has to break them up. Round 3 – Dwayne tosses Fidel down. Fidel was holding Dwayne’s head down. Fidel doing work in the corner. Dwayne takes a knee. Fidel struck Dwayne when he was down. No warning from referee. Entertaining round due to the high jinx of the two fighters. Round 4 – Unanimous Decision for Navarrete. Fidel doing most of the work in the round. Dwayne takes a knee. Going to decision. One judge has it 40-35. The other two 40-34. All for Fidel.

Mike Jimenez (16-0) vs. Kevin Engel (20-11) – 170lb catch weight fight Round 1 –Mike floored. Crowd stunned. Slight comeback by Mike toward the last minute of the round. Round 2 – KO Mike coming out aggressive. Engel responding. Mike rocks Kevin who goes down for the count. Crowd thrilled.

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