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Jessica McCaskill vs Cecilla Brækus 2: Rematch Set for March 13

Source: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing

In August 2020, Cecilla Brækus took on Jessica McCaskill and lost. Shortly after in September 2020, Brækus activated the rematch clause despite having hinted at retirement in the post-fight interview she gave after having lost to McCaskill.

Now fans await March 13, when Brækus and McCaskill will face off again.

Brækus is looking to win back the titles that McCaskill took from her in their previous fight; which Brækus lost only by a small margin. The final scores that left McCaskill with a win were 97-94 and 97-93 with the third judge calling it a draw.

McCaskill was a powerhouse in their first match, throwing 109 punches in just the first two rounds, while Brækus threw only 46 in the first two rounds.

With McCaskill’s power jabs and rapid-fire punches, it’s no wonder she gave Brækus such a run for her money and walked away with her titles.

McCaskill jokingly commented on Brækus’ activating the rematch clause, stating, “[that’s] the fastest retirement I’ve ever seen in boxing history – she’s back!”

It will likely once again be a close match between these two skilled fighters.

Brækus says she’s “very focused on regaining all of my undisputed belts on March 13 in the rematch against Jessica.”

McCaskill definitely won’t be taking it easy on Brækus, saying, “I interrupted her career in the first fight… I will end her career in the rematch.”

Will the rematch hold similar scores or could we see an overwhelming victory come from either side?

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