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Josh Taylor Now the Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion

Source: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc

In an intense 12 rounds, Josh Taylor (18-0-0) beat Jose Ramirez (26-1-0) and became the undisputed Jr. Welterweight World Champion.

Taylor started the fight strong in round one, but Ramirez was able to overcome Taylor’s speed advantage and regained control in the following rounds.

In rounds 3 and 4 Ramirez brought the heat, barraging Taylor with blow after blow. Ramirez had some success in slowing Taylor down after landing several body shots, but even this was not enough to stop him. With just 10 seconds left in round 4, Taylor and Ramirez were simultaneously landing hits on each other.

During round 5, Taylor sustained a cut above his left eye, which was the sixth time in his career that he received a cut to that particular eye. Luckily, the blood was not going directly into Taylor’s eye, which allowed him to continue the fight. Ramirez used this as a target to deal more damage.

In round 6, Taylor knocked down Ramirez just 10 seconds in following a powerful left hook to the jaw. Shortly after getting back up, Ramirez caught Taylor back with a left hook of his own. Taylor was able to hold his ground and the fight raged on.

With 30 seconds left in round 7, Taylor once again knocked Ramirez down with a left uppercut. Just like the first time, Ramirez got back up and kept fighting.

Ramirez began to slow down in round 8, the effects of the fight weighing on him. In both rounds 8 and 9, Taylor appeared to be saving his energy while Ramirez appeared lethargic with his punches.

At the beginning of round 10, Ramirez seemed to have gotten his second wind and resumed his attack, peppering Taylor punches. Taylor sustained the blows and came back with a left hook to Ramirez’s right ear.

The last two rounds saw both fighters struggling to pull through, with Ramirez making a notable effort to pull a win. The fight went to decision however and it was announced, by unanimous decision, that Josh Taylor was the undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion.

Following the announcement and celebration from Taylor's team, Taylor was lifted into the air, exclaiming “Who’s the man? I’m the man!”

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