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Leo Santa Cruz vs Gevonta Davis: Will Tank pass “El Terremoto”?

Two of the best fighters in the boxing industry will go head to head when Gevonta Davis faces off against Leo Santa Cruz on October 24 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville. Santa Cruz, who has a superb record of 37-1-1 (including 19 knockouts), will look to give Davis the first loss of his professional boxing career.


Davis has faced many worthy competitors to point in his career, but that has not stopped him from knocking out all but one of his opponents. His devastating knockout punch makes the 25-year-old one of the most feared boxers in the industry.

Many believe that Davis, who is trained by the iconic Floyd Mayweather, is the future of boxing. His meteoric rise has yet to hit even a slight bump in the road to this point, but Santa Cruz is one man that believes he can provide the first.

Santa Cruz knows the competitor he is going up against, but he also believes that he matches up well against the upstart phenom. The 32-year-old feels slighted that no one is giving him a chance to beat Davis, and he promises to use that as motivation for the fight.

Santa Cruz has been training extremely hard for the upcoming matchup and promises it will cost Davis if he does not do the same. “It’s going to cost him a lot,” Santa Cruz said in an interview leading up to the bout.

Davis will look to take control of the fight in the early rounds, and potentially strike another early knockout, as he so often does. On the other hand, Santa Cruz is a savvy defenseman who often tries to catch his opponents off guard with devastating blows of his own.

Santa Cruz believes patience will be important in the matchup, as he knows Tank has a devastating knockout punch. He believes getting a key on Davis’ attacks early in the bout will be essential to his ability to come out on top. Look for him to use his experience to his advantage and get inside the young superstar’s head throughout the fight.

Davis is eager to get into the ring against the veteran, as he believes it is another huge stepping stone on his way to the top of the industry. “Leo is going to throw a lot of punches, and I think it’s going to be a great fight,” said Davis. “It’s going to be an explosive fight.”

If victorious, Santa Cruz will not only be ending Davis’ superb winning streak. He will also be the first Mexican boxer to win five world championships in five different divisions.

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