• Narek Gasparyan

Mike Tyson I’m Back! The Legendary Comeback & Glory Continue

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Boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson says, “I’M BACK!” The former undisputed heavyweight champion’s next fight will be fighting by orchestrating charity boxing events. The iconic star had triumphal and dramatic stages in his life and wants everyone to know that despite any circumstances that may arise, his radiance will never fade away, no matter what.

The Striving Spirit Of Mighty Mike

Tyson’s soul is a great lesson all people can identify with. Human history shows men who achieve the highest peaks of glory and become heroes, most of the time, have the greatest tragedy in their stories. Those who admire these heroes always feel the same ups and downs. These conquering heroes, who have the most dramatic and passionate stories, are always favored by the public.

When a person achieves a high degree of prestige and superior position, the athlete might fear a decline and vilification of fame in the public eye, but not the The Baddest Man on the Planet! Tyson is a WARRIOR!

Mike Tyson broke not only his opponents in the ring, but also the old-way stereotypical perception that happened after the loss of his championship titles, millions of dollars and all of his possessions due to filing bankruptcy, this amazing contender didn't give up, but he fought back. There is a widespread belief where people prefer staying in a safe mediocre space rather than to strive and attain preeminent prosperity, because of the fear of failure.

Now Mike Tyson is presenting everyone with this lesson, that this way of thinking SUCKS!!!!. The moral of the story is first not to hide away in your closet because you feel a monster is going to sabotage your dreams! Instead express your self-potential by hunting for great opportunities, that only come once in a lifetime. If you follow the colors to the high ground, even after your life's triumphal stage is gone, the world will remember you FOREVER!

"The Only Thing In This World That Gives Orders Is Balls."

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In the end, I would like to state one interesting fact during the era of Mike Tyson. The world of sports had a very different spirit and environment back in the day. We see athletes making more money in a single day than it took a boxer to make in his lifetime back in the '80s, '90s and early 2000's. The life background saga of the champions in the past that competed in combat sports were more interesting. The sports news in the past had more character.

Currently, what we see are contenders starting to get involved in politics, social spheres, and they not only advertise products but also promote different ideologies and worldviews, that actively shape public opinion.

Ask yourself this question, “How many people want Mike Tyson to return to Boxing?”

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Mike Tyson’s comeback to the ring, even though it took a long time, is a heartfelt dream for fans around the world. We have to remember that sports are a reflection of the human's competitive spirit with all its colors of romance rather than the analytical calculation of the athlete's performance and money profits.

As an Armenian Hero, Garegin Njdeh said, “Sports Without Spartan Spirit Is An Empty Occupation.”

The fact is that Mike Tyson will always remain the sports fans' idol Mighty Boxer, and everyone will still pay respect to him for his Fighting and Struggling Nature.

Written by: Narek Gasparyan

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