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Mosley: 3 potential matchups for CM Punk in AEW

Credit: Cageside Seats

With several sources confirming that CM Punk will be making his professional return with All Elite Wrestling, I have been contemplating potential matchups for him, whether that be as a singles competitor, or even a tag team.

An unorthodox introduction for Punk in AEW could be for him to take on Jon Moxley for his IWGP United States Championship. He would immediately gain interest from the fans, as these two had a brief run-in with each other at WWE. Despite their shared history, the feud was never expanded upon. Now, with both men under the same brand, they could reignite that storyline, especially with both Moxley and Punk being two of the most popular superstars right now.

The promos Punk and Moxley could bring would be astounding. Punk’s latter years with WWE proved he was among the best when it comes to mic work. As for Moxley, he has been giving the best promos of his career since his arrival in AEW. If you gave these two a mic and left them in a ring, they could go for hours and no one would bat an eye.

Moxley and Punk are also both brawlers, which could result in some hard-hitting matches. Not only that, but Punk has also shown that he can be a high flyer as well, giving room to mix up the moves and spots throughout the match.

An interesting tag-team option for punk could be a team-up with Colt Cabana. These two have been friends for around a decade, and I feel their chemistry in the ring would be great. Assuming that this partnership was able to provide good matches and have the crowd engaged, this team could eventually take on The Young Bucks, who are the most popular tag team in AEW currently. Given The Young Bucks trend of providing strong matches, I do not see this changing with a match against Punk and Cabana.

I would also love to see Punk take on Kenny Omega at some point. Over the years, both men have proven that they are strong on the mic, both boasting their wit and infectious energy in their promos. Combining Punk’s ruthlessness and Omega’s cocky charisma would create some interesting interactions for fighters and fans alike.

Looking past the promos, the potential for matches with Punk and Omega are limitless. Standard 1-on-1 matches would still be exciting and extreme rules matches would be jaw dropping. Punk has the potential for a strong match in this regard thanks to his experience with ECW, and Omega has already shown how far he is willing to go with extreme matches thanks to his dark match with Moxley. The options for strong matches between Punk and Omega are vast, and it would be a shame to not see it explored.

With a strong roster like AEW, Punk will have several options available that will bring out not just the best of the superstars, but also strong matches and storylines that will keep fans coming back every week to see what’s next.

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