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Mosley: WWE “Money in The Bank” Review

Source: WWE

With “Money in The Bank'' still fresh in my mind, I have no doubt calling this the pay-per-view of the year. Even with Peacock’s streaming issues, “Money in The Bank '' was a phenomenal card from top to bottom.

Starting the night off was the Women’s “Money in The Bank” Ladder Match. WWE has had a consistent track record when it comes to high quality ladder matches, and this match was no different. The match was a decent showing with solid spots overall, with highlights including Liv Morgan’s hurricanrana on Tamina. While Nikki A.S.H winning was not what I expected, I ultimately think it was a good move as she also could use a boost in her career.

Next up was AJ Styles and Omos taking on the Viking Raiders for the Raw Tag Team Championship. While I have enjoyed Omos’s dominant streak since he became an in-ring competitor, his matches have become predictable as a result. Typically, Omos acts as the powerhouse and carries Styles to the win. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this match, especially with spots such as Omos throwing Styles into the Viking Raiders.

Bobby Lashley and Kofi Kingston followed in a match for the WWE Championship. This was the worst match of the night. Now, I am all for squash matches, with matches like John Cena vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2014 serving as excellent examples of a squash match done right. However, this match felt more like a mid-card wrestler squashing some local talent, which is not what Kingston is. This match let me down since Lashley and Kingston have both proven to be excellent superstars, and I am hoping to see a rematch in the future.

Moving back to the women’s division, the next match would be Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair facing off for the Raw Women’s championship. I was let down at the start of this match mostly due to the crowd not seeming very invested. However, that changed about halfway through the match when the crowd got hyped from some high flying by Flair. My only major complaint was Ripley’s inverted cloverleaf on Flair not coming across as powerful as they sold it, which became very distracting. Besides that, this match was great.

This led into the Men’s “Money in The Bank” Ladder Match. The start of this match featured an alliance between Seth Rollins and John Morrison that showcased their excellent chemistry. I hope to see these two work together again soon. This match had countless bright spots, with Ricochet’s jump from a ladder and onto the top rope before spring diving into a cluster of wrestlers making me jump out of my seat. Once again, WWE continues to provide top notch ladder matches.

Ending the night was the main event between Roman Reigns and Edge for the WWE Universal championship. During this match, I found myself on the edge of my seat. This has not happened to me with professional wrestling in a long time. Reigns and Edge know not just how to put on a phenomenal match, but also keep the crowd entertained throughout the slug fest. My only complaint was that the opening of this match was very slow. I understand this is how Reigns’s matches have been since his return last summer, but some moments were especially frustrating.

As the show was getting ready to close, John Cena made his triumphant return to WWE with an enormous pop from the crowd that sounded like a true WrestleMania crowd. I am beyond pleased to see him back and look forward to his work with Roman Reigns at “SummerSlam”.

Overall, “Money in The Bank” is the pay-per-view of the year without question thanks to an almost perfect card. I give this “Money in The Bank” a strong 4/5.

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