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Oscar De La Hoya Shoots Down Garcia vs Pacquiao & Tank


For the past few months questions have been running in a frenzy, on who the rising Mexican superstar Ryan Garcia is going to face next. Although Devin Haney and Gervonta “Tank” Davis have been the front runners for the past year, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has risen in boxing rumors as a Garcia frontrunner.

After overcoming his first career knockdown, Garcia amped his stock with the victory over Luke Campbell. Garcia was a heavy favorite in that matchup but showed signs of vulnerability; Which caught the attention of some of the rising heavy-hitters in his class such as Tank & Haney.

Despite the boxing world wanting to see a Garcia vs Pacquiao or Tank matchup, Golden Boy promoter, and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has shot those matchup rumors down. De La Hoya has recently made it clear that Garcia has had the Golden Boy promotions hand’s tied with his match hype antics. For example, this past month Garcia announced that he would be fighting the 42-year old Pacquiao without any promotion backing.

“We’re working on Ryan’s next fight, but obviously, with the whole Pacquiao situation, it was never on the table,” De La Hoya said. “Obviously, Pacquiao has his own plans and we heard several stories. We heard he was going to fight in Dubai, who knows. There was nothing on the table and we still hear he has tie-ins with PBC, so it’s a difficult fight to make. But who knows? Down the road, we’ll see. But we’re working on something with Ryan.”

“When you have Ryan only wanting to fight Pacquiao or Tank, we still have to work,” said De La Hoya to Fight Freaks Unite. Hopefully sooner or later we can talk some sense into him and get something done. We’re hoping by late April.”

Despite De La Hoya shooting down any premier matchups for Garcia in the near future, he still left the door open for any of the matchups to take place this year. Don’t be surprised if you see Garcia hop in the ring with the Pacman or Tank this year.

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