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Oscar Del La Hoya 2020 Comeback?

Former “Golden Boy of Boxing” Oscar De La Hoya, who has been retired from fighting since 2009, believes he can make a comeback at age 47.

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This is not the first time that the former champion has considered making a comeback to the ring. He has seemingly been mulling over the decision ever since his last fight in 2008, as he has made comments about a return on several occasions. It is important to note that Oscar De La Hoya is no longer the “Golden Boy of Boxing'' as he has not fought in over a decade and would surely show significant rust if thrust into action now. Unlike many unfortunate fighters, De La Hoya has found incredible post-career success. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, which has become a notorious organization in the Sports Media Industry.

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Oscar De La Hoya is an entrepreneurial phenom, who some consider the greatest businessman in sports. His history as an entrepreneur dates back to his fighting days, where he would make approximately $700 million in pay-per-view income during his career. This entrepreneurial spirit is something that he naturally took with him in his next endeavor as CEO of Golden Boy Promotions as well. It was there that he recently helped Canelo Alvarez sign a five-year deal worth $365 million, the largest contract in the history of sports.

When asked about a potential comeback during his Interview with Dan Canobbio in 2019, Oscar Del La Hoya said, “I’m training, I’m working out, I’m a solid 185.” He also added that he is happy with where he is at in his career, but he seemingly left the door open for a potential return by having the conversation, to begin with. In another interview, Oscar De La Hoya said, “Every day when I wake up I think about returning to fight again because boxing is my passion and my love. But I’m thinking about it, so I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no. I’m going to train a little bit and we’ll see what happens.”

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De LA Hoya’s recent posts on Twitter (above) tap into his fans' nostalgia, reminding them what it was like watching The Golden Boy in action. One photo, which was posted on June 10th, is captioned “We're ready to bring back the action.” He follows up the statement with #MissBoxing, further implying that he could be the one who is looking to bring back the action. As a promoter and former boxing superstar, he knows that attention the ability to draw a crowd is incredibly important to the success of a fight, and it seems as though he is promoting a comeback here.

Oscar De La Hoya has always been forced to battle through prejudices that come with being a Latino-American championship fighter. He cherishes his past and has always remained passionate about his Latino heritage as a result. While in America, many saw him as a macho Latino man, while he was seen as American while in Mexico. He was always classified by his ethnicity and color of his skin, and this created many obstacles for him to leap throughout his career.

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It remains to be seen whether the latest conversations around a potential Oscar De La Hoya return come to fruition, but what is certain is the fact that he will continue to find immense success no matter what route he chooses to go next. The former Golden Boy has proven to not only be a master of boxing and entrepreneurship, but also a master of mystery.

Written by: Narek Gasparyan

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