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PIERCE: Why UFC 254 could be one of the best cards in recent history

Photo: UFC Twitter

UFC 254 takes place on October 24, with what is potentially one of the best cards in history.

From a matchup standpoint, it could be a fantastic night of fights, if it even happens at all.

As of right now, there is only one fight that is 100% confirmed. UFC Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will face off against Interim Lightweight champion Justin Gaethje. The unification of the Lightweight belt is a highly anticipated bout months in the making.

However, it will be the rest of the undercard that needs to step up and compete in this historic main event.

On September 2, Nurmagomedov tweeted a potential fight card that would surely be the best card of the year and of recent memory.

“2 champion, 4 former champion, 4 title challengers,” Nurmagomedov said in a tweet. “How do you like this card full of killer. Best card of the year.”

Photo: Nurmagomedov’s tweet containing the potential fight card

What I am most excited for, almost more than the main event, is the possible matchup between Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier. A bout between these two killers has the potential to be an all-time classic.

There are certain fights that withstand the test of time and will always be known as a phenomenal performance; this matchup has that kind of potential.

Ferguson will be hungry for redemption after a devastating loss to Gaethje earlier this summer. It was supposed to be Ferguson and Nurmagomedov in a title bout before COVID-19 changed the plans.

Now, Ferguson’s battle for the belt has been made not complicated, in part due to Gaethje’s dominating performance.

Poirier is one of the toughest guys in the game, so not only will he not stay down for long, but I’m sure he’s gonna come back fighting harder than ever. Already Poirier is coming off of a win from what some have called the “Fight of the Year” against Dan Hooker in June. Since then, “The Diamond” has been in the gym and hinting at a matchup against Ferguson.

Why would this matchup be so huge? The obvious answer is the incredible entertainment value that a fight between these two powerhouses would generate. The underlying answer is that the winner of this fight will most likely have a shot at the title next.

Both Ferguson and Poirier are all-time legends and have beaten the best in the game. In fact, Poirier was the Lightweight champion before Nurmagomedov swooped in and took over the title last year. He has also beaten Gaethje in the past, so if Poirier were to fight for the strap again, it would be in a rematch situation.

Although this co-main event could be spectacular, the rest of the card is as stacked as it comes. With basically all fighters on the main card being top contenders, a lot could be riding on this one night of fights.

Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but having this potential card actually come to fruition would be incredible. No matter what happens, the main event is a great matchup and there is so much interest in Poirier vs. Ferguson that it will surely happen in the future.

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