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Ronda Rousey want’s to end “Cyborg”


At the UFC “Time is Now” Press Conference last Monday night UFC Bantamweight Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey took aim again at Invicta FC Featherweight Champion Christiane “Cyborg” Santos saying that she wants to end her life in the cage:

“She’s a fraud and she’s terrible for the sport. And if they are going to bring her into the UFC, it is my responsibility to put her away so she can’t ruin women’s MMA again. But I don’t think she has the right to compete. Coming in on PEDs in MMA is the equivalent of walking in there with a weapon. What’s going to ruin the sport is if someone dies in there, and the other person tests positive for steroids. Then we’re going to have our first homicide. Has anyone thought about that? Has anyone thought about that being more important than the numbers on one fucking card? She’s not thinking about every single woman that comes after her. About having people think she’s the best in the world, when in reality she’s just a fucking chemistry project. This sport deserves a champion that is way better than her. And if she tries to undo all the work I have done, then I’m going to try and kill her with my bare hands. And the only person that’s going to stop me is going to be the referee.”(

“Cyborg” tested positive for steroids back in 2012 and was stripped of the Strikeforce Women’s title after her 16 second KO over Hiroka Yamanaka. The Invicta Champion “Cyborg” has responded to Rousey’s comments and has challenged her to a fight at 145lbs but most recently was attempting to make 135lbs.

“Hahaha, you say you want to try and kill me in the cage? but you are scared about 10 lbs? lets meet in the middle at 140lbs, I’m tired of the bully talking. Cat Zingano if you are looking for a training partner let me know, I can not wait to see you shut this girls mouth.”(

Ronda who is the champion at 135lbs has stated that the only way she’d fight her is if she would come down to her weight which she insists will never happen due to her size. Santos was suppose to make her debut at 135lbs debut next month but is out with an injury.

Will “Cyborg” Santos ever make 135lbs to fight “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey for the UFC Bantamweight Title?<a href="" target="_blank">Take Our Poll</a>

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