Shannon Courtenay vs Rachel Ball 2: Winner Will Take the WBA Women’s Bantamweight Title

[Source:] Mark Robinson | Copyright: ©Mark Robinson Photography Ltd

Shannon Courtenay (6-1-0) is looking for redemption after having faced her first career defeat against Rachel Ball (7-1-0) on August 14, 2020 at the Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom.

They are coming from different divisions, with Courtenay in the Bantam division and Ball in the Super bantam division.

Courtenay was the favorite to win their last fight, but Ball quickly gained the advantage with a well placed left hook in round one. After the fight Courtenay insisted to Sky Sports that she would “come back stronger” from the defeat.

Since her defeat, Courtenay has gone on to beat Dorota Norek with a TKO in round seven. Courtenay was also set to have a bout on Feb. 13 but decided instead to skip the fight to focus on the rematch with Ball.

Now on April 10, Courtenay will get her chance to rematch Ball. Courtney made it very clear that she found the 77-75 loss “unfair.”

After winning her first five fights and having been favorite to win set her expectations of winning high. Courtenay told Sky Sports that she feels that “to have an unfair decision go against me in a fight that most had me winning is heartbreaking.”

Courtenay was clearly agitated with the outcome, while Ball was more emotional. In her post fight interview with Sky Sports, Ball commented, “it was a closer fight than I wanted it to be, but I got the win.”

It’s clear that both women are gunning for the win in this rematch, but they’re also fighting for the vacant World Boxing Association women’s Bantamweight title. Pride isn’t the only thing on the line here, which should give both fighters plenty of motivation to give it their best.

Ball told Sky Sports she wants “to be at the top” and “fighting at the world title level.”

Courtenay has echoed similar sentiments as early as last year, when she told the Watford Observer, “at some point next year, I want to be fighting for a world title.”

While both women are clearly dedicated, only one of them will win a title from this match and they are both going to give it their all. Courtenay’s determination to not lose to Ball again may be enough to get her the win. However, being that Ball has beaten Courtenay before it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume she could do it again.

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