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The Rise of Jamel Herring

Despite taking the road less traveled throughout his career, WBO junior lightweight champion Jamel Herring is one of the top fighters in the boxing industry today. There is speculation that the 35-year-old could retire after his upcoming bout, which will reportedly take place in January, against former two-division world champion Carl Frampton.

Jamel Herring's rise to fame was certainly an interesting one. He is an inspiration to many, as he is a US Marine Corps veteran. This fact resulted in him receiving the nickname “Semper Fi”.

Herring’s ferocity in the ring is second to none, as he is one of the most powerful and tenacious boxers in the sport. Nevertheless, he has been very open with the fact that he is only human. He has offered a voice to those who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, much like he has as a result of his time spent in battle.

While many would have been content with just making a living in the industry following their military career, Herring has stayed hungry and wants to be the best.

“I don’t want to just milk my belt,” said Herring. “I want people to look at me as a real world champion and in order for that to happen I have to fight the best. I’m looking forward to facing Carl Frampton sometime this year. We both want the fight so hopefully we can make it happen.”


Much like Herring, Frampton is also one of the top veteran fighters in the industry. The 33-year-old fights with an orthodox stance in the super featherweight division. Interestingly, he has only lost twice in his career, and both of these negative marks on his record came against fighters that were taller than him.

This is one aspect that leads many to believe Herring, who stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, which is nearly 5 inches taller than Frampton, has a decisive advantage against Frampton. Nevertheless, it would not be wise to count out the challenger, as Frampton lost a bout against a fighter with a very similar build in 2017 when he was bested by the 5 foot 5 inch Denis Shafikov in 2016.

Whoever comes out on top, both men will surely put on a show for the audience as they both have a considerable amount of pride on the line.

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