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Top 5 Boxers of all time?

One of the most widely debated topics in the sport of boxing is who is the greatest of all time. Many fighters have made amazing contributions to the sport, and countless others are in consideration for being all-time greats. Choosing the greatest fighter of all time is incredibly difficult, but rounding out the top five is a much less difficult task, as there are 5 fighters who have reached an even wider audience than just boxing fans with their influence. Continue reading to find out who made our list of the top 5 boxers of all time.


Mike Tyson

It would be criminal to not include Iron Mike in any conversation of the greatest boxers of all time. Not only is he a legend in the sport of boxing, he is also one of the most influential figures in sports history. He had one of the deadliest knockout punches in all of boxing and was one of the first boxers to attempt to get into the head of his opponents before the fight. Unfortunately, Tyson had already reached every pinnacle in the industry by the age of 38, so he decided to throw in the towel even though he might have had a few years left in the tank.

George Foreman

With a 6’4” frame that was sculpted by fire and brimstone, Foreman seemed unshakeable in the ring. His defensive skills were nearly unmatched and incredibly rare for a fighter his size. Foreman’s powerful strikes, which earned him a whopping 68 knockouts during his career, looked as though they could move mountains. Nevertheless, he was able to sneak up on his opponents due to the sleekness in his technique.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali revolutionized the unorthodox lean back style, which consisted of counters, footwork, and quick jabs. He was able to dance with any competitor in the ring thanks to his unique style. He was one of the first figures in the fighting world to reach worldwide superstar status and is surely deserving of a spot on the boxing world Mount Rushmore. He inspired many of the other fighters on this list.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson was a formidable boxer with great footwork and impeccable defense. He is viewed as one of the founding fathers of the boxing industry, fighting from 1940 to 1965. He fought in over 200 bouts during his incredible career, and he fought until the age of 45. Many saw Robinson as peerless throughout long stretches of his career, and at one time had a professional record of 128-1-2.

Rocky Marciano

Marciano is widely considered to be one of the toughest competitors in sports history. He survived by his savviness in the ring and his desire to win at all costs. He was an intense presence in the ring and succeeded through an incredibly strong work ethic and desire to succeed. Years after his career was in the books, he was the inspiration for the popular “Rocky” movie franchise that reached immense popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

While they all may have picked up techniques from each other in some fashion, each boxer was able to make a name for themselves and blaze their own trail to success. They are undoubtedly 5 of the most influential figures in the history of boxing, and they all made a name for themselves in different ways. They will forever be remembered in boxing lore, and their stories were able to inspire countless people around the world.

Let us know if you agree with our list in the comment section below! Is there anything you would change about the list?

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