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Trump becomes first US President to commentate boxing

President Donald Trump and his son Don Jr. provided alternate commentary for Saturday’s fight card.

Credit: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

President Donald Trump is in the news once again. The former president and his son Don Jr. provided commentary for Triller’s September 11 fight card. The two provided alternative coverage for the headlining fight, which included the last-minute replacement of Oscar De La Hoya by Evander Holyfield against Vitor Belfort.

Donald Trump has now become the only president to ever provide commentary at a sporting event. Trump began the commentary with a jab at the current president’s policy, but for the most part, he left politics off to the side and focused on the sport at hand. The duration of the pay-per-view event lasted around three and a half hours.

The main event of Holyfield vs. Belfort ended as quickly as it had begun, with the 58-year-old legend being defeated by way of TKO in the first round. The former President provided his opinion on the fight as well as recollecting fights and fighters of yore.

“Right from the beginning, you could see it; he was not the same fighter,” Trump said. “He lost a lot. That left jab was very slow.”

He also offered his insight as to the future of Holyfield himself.

“That’s probably the last time you will be seeing the great legend of Evander Holyfield, right?” said Trump. “Probably the last time, in this capacity. I hope so, I hope so.”

Trump demonstrated knowledge of fighters such as Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard and lesser-known names like Iran Barkley. He has previously hosted several fights at his casinos, so it’s not too surprising that he would have some knowledge of the sport. On top of the old-timers, he was familiar with the Paul brothers, who have been on the rise with their celebrity fights.

All in all, it was a far less controversial coverage than most viewers would have expected. Trump stayed on track, and his knowledge of the sport was even enough to impress former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos.

“I’m impressed with how much the gentleman knows about boxing,” Santos said.

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