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Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua Super Fight In The Works

The proposed super fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will be composed of two fights. Sources say the first fight between the two goliaths will take place around Summer 2021, but there is no rumored date for a second bout. What is known, however, is that the contest will not be held in the UK, where it was previously rumored to take place.


Edward J Hearn, who is a well-respected promoter in the boxing industry, says it's unfortunate that the bout will not be held in the UK, where both fighters are from.

"Everyone says, 'tell the guys not to worry about the money, just do it in England', but it doesn't work like that, unfortunately,” said Hearn. “Everyone wants to do it in England, I want it in the UK, AJ wants it in the UK, Fury will, but these guys have teams who will say 'can you tell us all the offers.”

The boxers came to terms on a financial agreement for their mega-deal matchup last month, and it was reported shortly thereafter that the agreement would include two fights total. A potential obstacle that the fighters might need to hurdle is it might be difficult to schedule their two matchups while still competing against other fighters.

Fury has a contract to fight Deontay Wilder scheduled for sometime around December. He also must face Dillian Whyte within the next 6 months. Joshua has an IBF mandatory defense with Kubrat Pulev in the fall, and another WBO defense against Oleksandr Usyk if he can pull off a victory.

“Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury hold all the heavyweight titles but who is world No 1?”


The two brawlers are at the top of their industry, so the two fights would undeniably bring an incredible amount of publicity to the sport. The two men possess all four heavyweight division titles. Anthony Joshua currently holds the WBA, IBF, and WBO championship belts, while Tyson Fury is the holder of the WBC Championship.

While the fight is obviously an incredibly important one, as all title fights are, this bout potentially means even more to Fury.

Fury held all of the major heavyweight championship belts in professional boxing for a short period in 2015. His peak did not last long though, and he lost one of his belts (the IBF Championship) only ten days after attaining it. Fury lost the rest of the belts only one year later as he was involved in an anti-doping investigation and was forced to relinquish the belts.

In 2018 Anthony Joshua held the four belts that Fury took from Klitschko.


Fury holds resentment towards Joshua for holding the belts that he still believes he is more deserving of.

“I’ve already been the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world when I bear Klitschko,” said Fury. “So, as far as I’m concerned, Anthony Joshua’s only got my leftovers. I never lost those belts, I had to vacate them for mental health problems.”

Fury also showed confidence in his abilities among his peers, saying “I’m the best heavyweight in the world, there are people out there who claim to be the world’s best but I know for a fact that they’re not.”

Tyson Fury does not have any interest in hiding his desire to once again hold the heavyweight belts. Much of his social media activity has been directed at his former titles, and he has made his intentions towards regaining them clear.

Tyson Fury lost most of his titles, but not his memory.


Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have a tumultuous rivalry that always seems to be on the cusp of heating up. The two men do not like each other, and that is shown in the way they interact with one another outside the ring. Much like Fury, Joshua is passionate and wears his emotions on his sleeve. Neither fighter cares what the other thinks about him, and a perfect example of that can be seen in the image below.

“Anthony Joshua gives the middle finger to Tyson Fury fans on holiday in Spain”


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