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UFC 182 Jones VS. Cormier Results


We are now going to go over the results of UFC 182 Jon Jones VS. Daniel Cormier.

Welterweight Brad Tavares Defeated Nate Marquart by Unanimous Decision

  1. coming off a second loss in a row, Tavares had to win to keep his job and was able to outwork the veteran.

  2. Marquart who submission over James TeHuna, looked slow and hesistant to engage w Tavares.

  3. This is a slow plodding fight that saw Tavares finish with a flury of punches and a spinning back kick.

Middleweight Hector “Showeather” Lombard Defeated  Josh Burkaman by Unanimous Decision

  1. Burkaman showed up to fight as kept moving foward in the first round and connected several times.

  2. Lombard started slow, and kept backing up from Burkman’s offense Alot Leg kicks thrown by Burkman

  3. Starting with the second round Lombard pressured Burkman threw alot of leg kicks throughout

  4. Burkman gave Lombard a much tougher fight than anticipated. Lombard gets his third win in a row.

Lightweight Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone  Defeated Myles “Fury” Jury by Unanimous Decision

  1. Cerrone who was taken down by Jury to the ground immediately attempting an Omaplatta that was tight.

  2. Jury was able to get out of multiple submissio attempts by Cerrone in an exciting display of BJJ subs and escapes.

  3. Cerrone and Jury didn’t exchange much once the fight went back to stand up in the 2nd and 3rd round.

  4. Cerrone kept Jury backing up the rest of the fight, with leg kicks and right hands Cerrone did what he could against a fleeing Jury

  5. End of the 3rd Round Cerrone threw multiple leg kicks to Jury on his back in fustration of his lack of engagement.

  6. Cerrone gets his fifth win in a row and awaits his next opponent as Pettis VS. Dos Anjos is next for the title.

Light- Heavyweight Jon “Bones” Jones defeated Daniel “DC” Cormier by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46) R5 5:00


  1. In the first round Cormier closed the distance early and often threatening Jones with punches, Jones hit his gut w a knee.

  2. Jones engaged Cormier right away both were in brawl early on in a very close round as Jones narrowly outpointed him.

  3. DC kept up the pressure and won the 2nd round, he clinched Jones up against the cage and connected on several uppercuts, he kept closing the distance!

  4. Third round Jones hit another knee to the body and started connecting on DC who started slowing down after a eye poke

  5. Fourth round Jones tookdown Cormier right away, working him up against the cage after he got up, Jones grinds away and scores a 2nd takedown

  6. Jones controlled Cormier for most of the fifth round, besides a takedown scored Cormier had very little offense.

  7. Seconds before the bell rang Jones threw a punch and Cormier responded with punches that almost hit the ref.

  8. Jones now awaits the winner of Gustaffson VS. Johnson and is a fight away from cleaning out the division.

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