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UFC Fight Night in Review: March 20

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Fight One Tia Tuivasa vs. Harry Hunsucker

Tuivasa came out looking for his second consecutive win after a somewhat frustrating career in the UFC. Well, Tuivasa showed up and came out swinging as he landed a huge right hook that dropped Hunsucker. Hopefully we can see Tuivasa stay healthy for a while so we can see him back in the cage ASAP.

Fight Two: Adrian Yanez vs Gustavo Lopez

A highly anticipated fighter coming out of Dana White’s Contender series Adrian Yanez was looking for his six straight professional MMA win against fellow bantamweight Gustavo Lopez. Yanez came out and pushed the pace early, and Lopez didn’t have an answer for it. The first two rounds saw Yanez dominate on the feet. Lopez came out ready to push the pace to try and rescue the fight. However, Yanez timed Lopez’s strikes perfectly, landing a beautiful straight right that sent Lopez to the ground. Yanez won by KO.

Fight Three: Montserrat Ruiz vs. Cheyanne Buys

Ruiz took this fight on short notice against the UFC rookie Cheyanne Buys. Coming off a win on Dana White’s Contender Series, Buys looked to get her first official UFC win. Both women came out swinging heavy but Ruiz was able to punch her way inside and takedown Buys. For the rest of the fight, not much changed. Each round saw a short exchange on the feet before Ruiz took down Buys and held her in position for the majority of the fight. The fight ended in Ruiz and Buys yelling at each other which actually was more entertaining than the fight itself. Ruiz won by unanimous decision.

Fight Four: Max Griffin vs Kenan Song

This fight was shaping up to be a good one that saw two knockout artists pitted against each other. Well, it didn’t last long as around two minutes into round one Max Griffin landed a huge straight that put Song to sleep. Griffin had some controversial words after the fight as he continued to taunt Song. He later called out Geoff Neil which would be an interesting fight to say the least.

Main Event: Derek Brunson vs Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland and Derek Brunson came into this fight with two opposing styles. Holland the striker and Brunson the wrestler. Well the fight played out in a fairly predictable way. Brunson took Holland down for the majority of the fight and was able to stay out of Holland’s guard. While Holland attempted multiple submissions on Brunson, he was never able to get into the right position to successfully pull them off. Brunson was able to rack up damage against Holland as he had total control on the ground. Brunson smashed Holland with a barrage of punches and elbows from the top for the majority of the fight. Of course, despite getting his butt-kicked Kevin Holland continued to do what he does best, talk. It offered a strange spectacle seeing someone get beat up but continue to talk through an ass kicking. With all that said it was a dominant win by Derek Brunson, who will look to make one last push for the title at 37 years old.

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