Warrior Stadium Series brings Live Pro Wrestling back

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many far reaching and unforeseen consequences, one of which being that the Pro Wrestling Promotions had to stop running shows nationwide. This forced many Pro Wrestlers to go without performing for months. For many established stars, COVID-19 ended what was essentially their day job, leaving them to rely on extended weekend events for income. One example was veteran wrestler Eddie Kingston having to sell his favorite wrestling boots in order to pay his mortgage, reflecting similar financial crisis that much of the United States population in facing currently.

The promoter is Steve Tortarello, who in addition to his promoting job is also the Principal of Marion Catholic Highscholl.

Tortarello has said that he had already envisioned an outdoor event before COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, he has ran nine consecutive indoor events at his school to hold more fans in which his events had drawn increasing attraction. When the governor of Illinois came out with guidelines for outdoor spectator sports, Steve and his crew instantly jumped on plans to hold their first event since the Pandemic since Friday Night Lights last month.

Steve Tortarello talked about this success of FNL while also previewing what's in store for the Stadium Series, which are 3 consecutive events running on Saturdays from September 12 to the 26.

"We were thrilled to be able to bring wrestling back to Chicago safely!” Tortarello said. “We set out to prove that if everyone works together, we can restore a semblance of normalcy and have a great time!"

Tortarello has also implimented nuermous health precautions, including temperature checks and spaced out seating. Major US Wrestling Promotion AEW has made note of these safety precautions and plans to impliment them at their own events.

“We're just glad that what we did can lead to others doing the same, or even better, things!” Tortarello said. “We're just happy to be a part of this great industry where we all learn from each other.”

Despite one of the greatest infections risks being between the wrestlers, they are still eager to get back in the ring. Many of them, who haven’t wrestled since March, participated in Friday Night Lights. Wrestlers got to shake off the rust in the ring and be in front of fans again got them warmed up and excited for Warrior Stadium series.

"Everyone was excited and happy,” Tortarello said. “It was a great atmosphere backstage!"

Warrior Stadium Series will be Featuring many Pro Wrestlers from around the US from AEW, Impact Wrestling, MLW, and more will be competing during the Stadium Series including Brian Pillman Jr the Warrior Wrestling Champion, Tessa Blanchard the Warrior Wrestling Women's Champion, AEW's Brian Cage, Joey Janela, Lance Archer, Impact Wrestling's Alex Shelly, Kylie Rae, The Rascalz, Kimber Lee, Chris Bey, TJP along with other top names in the industry nationwide all convene at Marion Catholic HS starting Sept 12th!

Steve Tortarello also reminded fans to go to WarriorWrestling.Net to purchase tickets.

Regarding what we can expect, Tortarello said "We always try to up our game and do something different and bigger. The Stadium Series is the next evolution of that. We don't want to rest on what we know we can do; we want to push ourselves to try to do something exciting and new!"

Written by: Sean Lennon

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