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What is Next for Errol Spence?

Source: Richard W. Rodriguez / Associated Press)

Another year goes by and boxing fans are still left waiting and wondering when the highly anticipated welterweight bout between undefeated champions Errol Spence Jr. and Terence “Bud” Crawford will happen. While many remain cautiously optimistic, the bout will eventually take place in 2021, both men have options on what they can do next.

Both these men are regarded as two of the best in the sport right now. Both have impressive records Crawford (37-0) and Spence (27-0) and have belts in the 147-pound division. Unfortunately, like many things in boxing, the match comes down to politics. Crawford is signed with Top Rank and ESPN for at least one more fight. Meanwhile, Spence is under contract with Premier Boxing Championship and FOX. While many of the top-ranked welterweights are signed to PBC as well, Spence appears to be looking for a big-money fight over a high risk one.

Rumors have even surfaced that the Champ is looking for a fight with boxing legend and former welterweight king Manny Pacquiao. Freddy Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer and coaching legend has previously stated that “Pac-Man” would like to fight once or twice in 2021 before hanging up the gloves and transitioning into politics full time in 2022. If we are to believe Freddy, and why wouldn’t we? It is likely to assume Pacquiao would want the biggest sendoff possible and that would most likely be in a fight with Spence.

Spence, now 30, last fought on Dec. 5 against Danny Garcia. Spence and Garcia fought to a decision that was unanimously given to Spence as he retained his world titles. Spence has a lot of options with PBC, but to unify the belts, he must fight Terance Crawford.

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