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What’s Next for Gennady Golovkin?

Many are wondering what is next for IBF and IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. The 38-year old has not fought since October 5, 2019, when he beat Sergiy Derevyanchenko for the vacant belts.

Triple G’s trainer Eddie Hearn said Golovkin will face off against Polish boxer Kamil Szeremeta before his potential Canelo trilogy. He went on to explain that the details surrounding the match are currently up in the air, and there is no projected date for when the bout will take place.


The fight was originally expected to take place in February but was forced to reschedule due to Golovkin suffering a calf injury. Nevertheless, both fighters surely stayed in shape since they did not know when their battle would be rescheduled.

Golovkin, who is universally viewed as one of the top boxers in the world, has a nearly perfect record of 40-1-1. Thirty-five of his victories ended with him knocking out his opponent, a truly staggering figure. Meanwhile, Szeremeta has an undefeated record of 21-0, and five of his victories ended with a knockout.


Szeremeta will have to avoid Golovkin’s dreaded knockout punch if he will be able to survive in the ring against the savvy veteran. The 30-year-old should look to use his quickness to his advantage, and strike Golovkin when he is not ready.

While Szeremeta may only have a fraction of the experience that Golovkin does, he is an incredibly capable fighter in his own right. He has enough power and striking ability to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry.

Triple G has more of a brawler mindset than Szeremeta, or almost anyone else in the industry for that matter. He has one of the most jarring knockout punches in fighting, and that is a major reason why his record is as impressive as it is. The constant pressure that he puts on his opponents often results in them becoming panicked, leading them right into the devastating knockout blow.

Triple G’s success comes from his knowledge of a variety of different fighting backgrounds and disciplines. He has mastered both Mexican and Eastern European styles of fighting, and he uses nuances of each in his boxing. These styles are tough to learn, and even tougher to master, but Golovkin has done just that. Triple G will surely be favored to win when the two brawlers go head-to-head in the ring, but it would not be a surprise to see Szeremeta give him a run for his money.

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