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Update on Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones have stolen headlines with their upcoming highly anticipated bout set to take place on November 28, 2020. The two legends look to add to their legacies as they make their return to the ring after years away from the sport. 

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Tyson, who has been away from boxing for 15 years, was the first of the two men to announce he would be making a comeback. There were originally rumors that he would have another rematch with Evander Holyfield after their previous infamous clashes. Nevertheless, Jones was the one who decided to come out of retirement to face Iron Mike. 


Social media has offered both Tyson and Jones an outlet to display their skills as they make their long-awaited comebacks. This is one aspect of their bout that both men are unaccustomed to, as social media has never played a larger role in society than it does today, and the boxing industry is no different. 

Tysons posts prove that he is still deadly in the ring, and he should not be taken lightly. He has displayed much of the same speed and power that made him such a force in the ring decades ago. 

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While there may not be gold on the line for this belt, neither man seems to be treating the fight as an exhibition matchup. They are giving their all while training for the bout, as there is surely an enormous amount of pride on the line between the two of them. 


The upcoming clash will surely offer a nostalgic feeling to those who were fans of the sport during boxing’s Golden Era. While it may be tough for the clash to live up to its lofty billing, with the two men going head-to-head in this one, it would not be wise to bet against them. 


Tyson was a beloved figure in the boxing world immediately after bursting on the scene due to his lightning-quick knockouts. Nevertheless, there are far more fans interested to see if he can go the distance at this point in his life. 


While coming out of the bout victorious is undoubtedly the most desired outcome for both men, getting out with their health intact will also be incredibly important. They are fully aware of the dangers associated with fighting at their ages, but that will not stop them from going through with the bout. We will see if either man can rekindle the fire that burned so bright during their boxing career on November 28, 2020.

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