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Tyson Fury says Wilder can beat Joshua and Whyte with ease

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Tyson Fury is certain Deontay Wilder could beat not only Dillian Whyte but also Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury is known for not only his ‘colorful’ personality, but also his press antics. From faking injuries to find out who is leaking information to the press to dressing in a batman suit for a press conference, the man is no stranger to publicity. While he has recently reigned in his most overt antics, he can still hold the public’s attention like no other, especially when his actions effectively stir the pot. 


In a recent interview with IFL TV, Fury spoke of his thoughts about Deontay Wilder. The latter has been lambasted and robbed of any credibility by critics after his loss to Fury in February. 


“Wilder beats Joshua; he beats Whyte. There’s nobody who can beat Deontay Wilder. One-touch on their faces and they’re gone forever,” said Fury. “He would do to Whyte and Joshua what he did to Dominic Breazeale. They ain’t got the skills I’ve got. They wanna call Wilder this, that and the other, but he will put them to sleep, easy.”


“They’ve got no defense and just walk into punches,” said Fury. “What are they gonna do? You won’t walk a man like that down. I’d definitely back Wilder to knock the pair out, for sure.”


These comments show how little Fury cares about his match against Dillian Whyte, whom he is mandated to fight after his third fight against Wilder. Fury previously said that he had so little interest in fighting Whyte that he’d be ready to give up his belt rather than fight the Brixton-based boxer.


Fury did, however, mention that he believes fellow heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk would be more than capable of giving Wilder a run for his money. 


“They’re the only two people in the heavyweight division alive today that could give Deontay Wilder trouble,” said Fury. “That’s [me] and Oleksandr Usyk. Usyk because he’s a master southpaw, slick boxer. He’s had a lot of experience, and he knows how to deal with power punchers.”


The Ukrainian bruiser is a former undisputed cruiserweight champion before moving up to the heavyweight division. He is currently undefeated, and is next up to fight Anthony Joshua for his WBO championship. 


Eddie Hearn, who is the promoter for both Joshua and Whyte, responded to Fury’s claim that his boxers stood no chance.


“You can’t take what Tyson says [seriously]. I don’t think he’s right. I think Dillian Whyte destroys Deontay Wilder, and I think AJ absolutely takes him to school and knocks him out with ease in a couple of rounds,” Hearn said.


As Hearn mentioned, it is sometimes unclear when Fury is in earnest; that being said, there is no doubting the fact that he keeps people talking.

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